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  1. I kept going on holidays to see what happens in the future and a lot of things changed. Here you have some screens, if you need info on something let me know. It looks like the reputation issue is going on. European teams are still the major money splashers but look at those Golden Ball and league winners, a lot of them are from non-European clubs! For example, Inter in the last season is one of the candidates for relegation after his promotion to the first division and I like it a lot.

    FIFA World Premier League_ Season Preview.png

    World_ Award Winners.png

    World_ List.png

    World_ Transfers.png

    FIFA World Premier League_ Past Winners.png

  2. Looks like after 5 seasons the other continents are challenging european teams although they are still winning all trophies, very good mod! I modified your file to have 200 youth rating in every country so all leagues are starting to hace powerful regens and a better pool of players in the long term and it's doing wonders for the teams from other continents.

    I think that league one does have a lot of reputation, it looks like players don't mind playing in the highest division or the second one, the same with league two and three. It could be readjusted in some way I guess.

    If you can do separate pyramids for u23 and u18 leagues it would be awesome.


    Did you thought about changing from 1 relegation to 2 relegations in Premier Division? I went on vacation for all of these seasons but I feel like I am seeing the same teams every season, especially in the european group.




    FIFA World Premier League_ Profile.png

  3. It looks great, but I saw a few flaws:

    - No Reserve/Youth leagues: I think it does not make any sense, because you have to loan all your youth players even if they are 16 years old if you want them to have any game time as playing is very important for their growth.

    - South American, American, African and Asian clubs are still playing their continental competitions, these should be removed.

    - There are so many matches during the season, a Championship club has to play at least 46 league matches, 14 champions league group matches and 2 more cup matches, that's at least 62 games without counting the matches that they have to play if they go through the cups. I have modified your file and 7 group matches for the Champions league is more than enough. The IA is not good at managing a loaded season, so they will play with the same team again and again even if they are very tired.

  4. I don't know if I see Çağlar Söyüncü going to Liverpool in the first window for 36 million as a realistic move or not... 

    I know that things will change the next season because there will be more money to spend from every team, but I think that English players are a bit undervalued, for example managing United, Rashford, Maguire and Wan-Bissaka's values are no higher than 40 million, but that could be because United is playing Europa League.

    If I reach the second season I'll update you with the changes, thank you for your mods.

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