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  1. I'll put some comments in spoilers because not everyone playing the game wants to know the details.
  2. Hello, I'm the researcher for Brighton. I appreciate the feedback but in this case I am comfortable with my ratings. Julio has a quick burst (hence the 16 for acceleration) but is a bit slower at full pace. One example that springs to mind was Stoke away in the cup last season, it was late in the game but he had only come on as a sub with 15 mins to play - https://youtu.be/MrYXA6yoQ2M?t=891. That's not a perfect example, as he slows down in possession of the ball - although to counter that, we'd look at Dribbling for running at speed with the ball and that's rated at 16 as it is. This is just one example I could pick out though - it's not the first time I've seen him get caught once he hits his top speed. I also think, as a teenager, he has plenty of room for growth in his mental attributes, and this will happen as the game progresses and he moves towards his PA. He's a very talented player but you can see when watching him that his mental attributes are not at the level of the seasoned pros, which is only natural at his age.
  3. It's null in the database so will be randomly generated every time you start a new save. However, it's probably fair to say I should have filled in a value for his determination already. Frustrated I missed that, will be addressed for the winter update.
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