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  1. How are the results? Looks nice, maybe I’m going to try this. I’m a bit done with higher tempo tactics.
  2. Did you test/use this 3-5-2 in FM24? I'm reading a lot of content about 3-5-2 in the last few days and came across this marvelous piece
  3. I'm looking for a simple possession based tactic, preferably with a 433 formation. What are the best team instructions to use? I'll always use a gegenpress style but I want to do a bit different with my new Man Utd save. Thanks!
  4. Interesting. Formation could be a 4231. Thanks. Going to try my Formation first but its on the list. Maybe for tough away games.
  5. Hi everybody! As an Ajax supporter my goal for each FM is to make a working 3331 tactic, like Louis van Gaal did in 1995. The formation I want to use is a 3-3-31 and I would like some help to build a perfect one! So I would love to hear your suggestions for this tactic: team instructions and/or player roles. Team Instructions: - (Much?) Shorter passing - Work ball into Box - Be More Disciplined - Counter-press - Distribute to CB - High D-Line - High Press - More Often - Prevent GK distribution I will add player roles later today. Formation
  6. Quick question: what kind of team instructions do you guys use when playing a possesion system? I would say something like this: Shorter passing, normal tempo, work ball in box, low crosses counterpress, distribute to CD/FB High press, (very) high d-line Would love to hear some imput on it. Thanks!
  7. Very interesting. I always use PooD and Roll out to CB. I might change it to my FB after reading this.
  8. Any changes to my tactic? I usually use a preset Gegenpress and adjust a bit here and there. Player roles are fine i guess, maybe some team instructions I can turn off etc.?
  9. Using this 4231DM, are my team instructions too much META/OP? Just beat Atletico Madrid 4-2 and cruising through the league. (season 2, 24/25)
  10. Change BWM to a DM on defend, use Inverted Wingers or Wingers and use an AF.
  11. Good post! Playing since CM9798 and still learning about tactics. I use the preset Gegenpress tactic atm and works fine with Brighton in my first season, but with your information i'm going to tweak it a bit to see if i can beat the top 6
  12. Can i ask what PI's you use for your 442? I think it's so difficult with this years FM to use a 442.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into it, i'm not a tactical genius so it's mostly trial and error but we will see. Kane as DLFa and Son as an IFa?
  14. I wanted to start a thread about the 4231 with CM pivots, but i'll join this conversation instead of creating a new thread My go-to cm pair is a DLP on defend and a BBM, but recently i'm toying with a DLP on support and a CM on support. With the CM you can tweak a bit more with the player instructions, but mostly i'll keep it on default. This is how i'll play most of the times, no fancy roles and i prefer FB on both sides to keep it more solid at the back.
  15. Thanks! I will give it a go tonight! Lucca is playing because Tadic is injured for 3 months, but he scores a lot of goals from set pieces. Still toying a bit with the team instructions, want to use work ball into box but with Lucca it isn't an option at this moment. Maybe i'll add Hit early crosses.
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