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  1. Hi @Flußkrebs

    That is magic, thanks a lot for sending over your save and all the detailed steps. With your save file I have managed to reproduce the issue and having only had to fill the squad numbers in for two games I can definitely see how that is going to be annoying for a whole season! 

    We're going to investigate to try and find the cause of the issue, but in the meantime I think I have a workaround to help solve this issue for you in the short term.

    If you go to the squad page and click on the dropdown Players  >  Numbers (see the screenshot) this should take you to a screen to register all the players numbers for the season and it should remember those numbers as normal. The auto number button is not working from this screen but you should only need to do this once. 


    Thanks for taking the time to log this with such detailed information, let me know how you get on and if that workaround solves your issue for now.


  2. Hi @geordiekris

    Thanks for flagging this one up. 

    So it's a bit of an odd one this, we did put out a fix that we're confident about in the main release. However, the cause of the issue means it will still occur with saved games created on the Beta.  

    I appreciate that's frustrating and apologies for any inconvenience this causes your save, if you do start a new game at any point and notice it again then please do come back on here and flag it up for us. We'd need a save from before the season begins to be able to find any issues. 

    Thanks again for taking the time to log this,

  3. Hi @rifinskim

    I've had a go at trying to reproduce your issue but I haven't had any luck so far.

    Would you be able to upload your save file? Ideally right before you get prompted to give the squad numbers again. If you can then I can use your file to try and get the issue to reproduce and we can look to find the cause.

    Sam to you @Flußkrebs if you have a save file that can help us find it then please upload it below and let me know.

    Any problems with that give me a shout!



  4. Hi @jonb33

    Thanks for sending your save. I've not yet been able to reproduce the issue you've described, I was able to set an u19 player and two first team players with a "position/role" and "additional focus" training and after holidaying for 3 months they were all still set to the same training settings.

    I think there might still be an issue here but there might be something else causing it and we just need more information. Are there any other changes you're making to the team in terms of moving players between squads perhaps or setting other training schedules that could be making the training focus's reset for you in your save? 

    Thanks very much, 

  5. Hi @sondre82

    Could you upload a save game to us where this has happened and we can take a look?


    Just to clarify, are you creating your own mentoring groups or is this occurring when you're asking your assistant to create one for you? If you can take a screenshot and post that in here of the mentoring groups where you've noticed some problems then that would be a massive help for us to try and locate the issue. 

    Let me know how you get on.


  6. Hi @ronaldseah

    Thanks for sending us your save file. Do you mind if I ask you to clarify the issue you're having? 

    I had a look into your save to try and reproduce it, but since Diego Llorente already has the "mark tightly" trait I wasn't sure about the issue you were having. 

    I was able to get Cordoba to begin training Sturt Dallas to "mark tightly" though without any problems. 

    If you can give any more details of the problems you've had then that would be great and we can investigate further. 


  7. Hi @hench1

    I know that you are already aware of the other thread about this issue here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/533112-cant-discuss-issue-with-player/

    As mentioned in that thread, this is an issue we're aware of. For the time being, a workaround is to go on Holiday for 1 day past the meeting and you can continue with the game.

    Thanks very much, 



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