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  1. On 10/12/2020 at 00:09, Experienced Defender said:

    I never play online, so I cannot know if my suggestions can help you, but here is my two pennies worth anyway:

    - change the right back into WB on support (or automatic), so that he could provide proper support to the IW (especially as your in-possession TIs suggest you want to play possession-oriented football)

    - change the BMW's duty into support, because in this system there is no need for a player in CM position to have defend duty (since there is a DM behind him)

    - there is too little central penetration in your setup, so I would change the AP on support into a mezzala on attack (provided you have a suitable player for the role)

    - considering your possession-oriented team instructions, I would either switch the striker's duty to support or give him a role that tends to drop deeper during attacking build-up (e.g. DLF or TQ, although Jimenez would probably not suit the latter one)

    In terms of instructions, I always prefer to keep them as simple as possible, not least because your style of play is already largely defined by the setup of roles and duties. In this particular tactic, I would start with only the following:

    In possession - shorter passing (and nothing else)

    In transition - distribute to CBs and FBs (and nothing else)

    Out of possession - either everything on default or only higher D-line and everything else on default

    Then you can watch and make small gradual tweaks as you see fit, but only if/when necessary.

    Thanks for the above! It's helped massively.

    I've made a few tweaks as you suggested to - however as a baseline this has helped turn things around.



  2. I'm in the 2nd season of an online network game and despite some recent improvements I'm struggling to get my Wolves side to click as I'd like.

    Neves and Tonali are my two 4* players despite their best preferred roles both being as DLP's so I've set Neves up as an AP with Nandez as a BWM alongside them to compliment their passing game.

    I'm hovering around 6th -9th position so it's not the end of the world! However is there anything below wrong staring me in the face that I cannot see?!!

    I've recently change the formation from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-3 (1DM) to give myself more midfield balance + dropped my line of engagement from high to standard which has seen me concede a lot less chances from through balls.

    The downside to this however is that I'm creating a lot less chances with finishing those chances off being a problem

    Thank in advance for your help guys!








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