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  1. Just need to stop leaking in goals from set pieces haha. Looks really good, does the team play the way you want?
  2. So this is what I am thinking: 2026 Sweden 2030 Uruguay 2034 Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya 2038 Japan 2042 Mexico What competitions would I need to edit for each year? And when you say "so any other year it will end up with 1 too many nations qualifying so they will just be missing from the tournament." do you mean just from the same confederation that the host is from or would it be from a random confederation?
  3. The 64 team WC is dropped, CBA to do it Since you are an expert at this by now, can you set a hosting bid to only happen with certain countries if they put the bid in together? I see that Bulgaria and Romania is an option to host the World Cup, but I would like them to only host if they host it together. Is there an option for that(or workaround)? Also, I will just set up the WC for the forseable future anyways so won't even matter but just wondering. And since I am gonna do that, should I avoid double hosts(or triple if it is possible) or should it be a ok for any confederation
  4. Go to 'Database Changes', click the edit you want to reverse, remove it and click reload
  5. even though the names doesn't show up the partnerships form. atleast they did when I tried it
  6. Can you show some in-game screenshots of how your players are positioned when playing from the back, when one of the IW has the ball, when the DLF has the ball etc
  7. Use https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/26-editors-hideaway/ , this doesn't seem like a bug and more of an user error(sorry for being blunt lol). But there is a lot of people that has done and still do the same thing you are trying to do so if you go there and ask you should get help
  8. I think this is just how the game is programmed. For example, Arteta in the PGE has 30.6.2023 as contract expiry date but since some start dates are just before that, he could leave arsenal early on the playthrough which would ruin it for some people. And this is the case for 46k+ people in the database(expiry date between 1.1.2023 and 30.6.2023 But I just checked with Sweden and England loaded with start date set as 27.3.2023 and Arteta has expirey date set as 30.6.2023. So if you go further back it should work OR if you move his contract expiry date further ahead(about 3 months, but didn't test more so it could be less) with maybe a ban on the player so he doesn't play any games. I obviously don't know what you want to do with the player, but this is the only help I provide.
  9. So you can edit their attributes, European Category etc etc
  10. Right now it is impossible to see if a referee is an ref or an assistant ref. Something like this would be good: Competition as Referee > Is/Is not/Contains > [Search Field]. The same for Assistant Referee.
  11. I am been wondering this for some time now Here they are PS. the attributes are like that because I am trying to find out Also: CA and PA, does it even matter? Fabio Maresca has WAYYYYYYY better attributes than José María Sánchez Martínez that is shared the 2nd best ref in the game. But the person that he shares it with, Daniel Orsato also have way better attributes than him
  12. Just a quick look. 1. The Jong teams can't be managed. I know there is a rule in the PGE that has 'Jong' option, but they are set as B team in the club PGE screen. So it must be a national Rule 2. Finnish teams can't be managed. The team I looked at has Reserve team as club type. I changed it real quick in the PGE to a B team and it did not work. 3. Norway can't be changed but I could not be bothered to do a new DB for it. 4. Juvetus U23(Why are they still called Zebre?) can't be managed. So my theories are: 1. They have some sort of Nation Rule that makes it so they can't be managed. 2. They are created via Reserve Teams instead of having their own Club Page(in the PGE)
  13. Yeah I know what you mean. I am also uncertain what influences the playability of teams. Maybe if they are set as an U__ team. Don't know if you can play as JuveU23 but in the PGE I am certain they are set as Reserve team. Can't check the PGE now, but will tomorrow(if I remeber which is not close to certain haha) Yeah, I would say using IGE(or perhaps some other source...) wouldn't count as cheating if you have millions in the bank that just keeps growing and growing. But I use the IGE for cheating as well so maybe my morals are just f'd lol
  14. 1. Is Sturm Graz II relegated? that might be why because I was able to pick them at the start of the game. 2. They only train 2 times a week BUT they can gain Pro status but unsure if you as the main club can influence that(you can ask the board to turn pro as II)
  15. Is the B-team greyed out or First team? Because if you pick the first team, Staff>Responsibilities>Training it should be an option to take over training for the B-team. And then a new sidebar icon should show up(B-team), if you press that it should be a tab that says training where I think you can decide training schedule whoch would show if it is Pro or Semi schedules This is how it works for normal B-Team/Reserve/Youth etc maybe it is different this time for some reason
  16. Are you worried they use Semi-pro training schedule(2-3 times a week)? If so, take over the B team training to see if they have pro or semi-pro training. Otherwise, can't you add players from youth/reserve teams to the first team training via an option in the training tab?
  17. Lovely work, looks incredible! Questions: 1. I see there are still foreign players in some teams, and quite a lot of them in some of them. Is this something you will remove(don't know if they have Yugoslav 2nd nationality)? 2. Players still have their International caps/goals etc. Will you remove them? bit on the fence with this, I think you can remove newer debutans but not the veterans. And this goes into a "issue". If you want to keep them, the records for the nation is not updated, will you update that? Or will it fix itself automatically when you have started the game?
  18. Sorry for bad title, really bad at those I want to be able to sort 'Field' by what changes I have done to be able to remove redundant changes. This can save 100s if not 1000s of DB changes that make the game slower. And perhaps some sort of filter that you can use in 'Database' or 'Database Changes' to be able to search for reduant changes.
  19. Thank you, just to make sure, these are all portuguese producing clubs and plays in luxembourg? PS sorry for not replying, must have missed it in the notifications
  20. I know that some clubs in switzerland has U19-B teams but never played with them myself. I always love to have many B/C/II etc as possible so this is a great find(might have missed it when I dabbled in Portugal in the PGE)
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