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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. This is probably my favourite upload in this forum. Could you also make a version of 16-team tournaments (mostly European Championship and Asian Cup for me) please? I was thinking perhaps 10 groups of 5 teams in Europe, with 10 winners qualify, and 10 runners-up face each other in a playoff, so that 15 teams qualify with the host. (I'm still using the 23.00 database)
  2. 您好,现在两个月过去了,请问这个问题有可能解决吗?如果不能够允许玩家编辑球员的中文译名,新华社译名对照表或许会对您优化球员的中文译名有所帮助。译名表文件是 excel 的,24M 超过了上传文件的最大尺寸,有人将其做成了网页版的可用来查询,我这里先附上:http://namedict.hanlei.name ,如果您需要 excel 文件或有其他问题请随时跟我联系,谢谢。
  3. Same here. While the reasoning does make sense, could you guys perhaps make chekcbox options on the number of formations? Even simple things like "less formations" and "more formations" could do. Then there is also the point abcdf makes about offensive and defensive formations. It would really be nice if there could be some offense/defense specific formations.
  4. Could not agree more. I for one cannot believe 4-2-3-1 Wide has disappeared! I always thought this one with 2 CMs rather than 2 DMs is a great one. Now I cannot even edit managers to use them. Why do you guys reduced the formations??
  5. 您好,我没有使用任何防病毒程序,现在在用 FM 2023 的 Editor 还是一样的问题。我是在 steam 平台购买的,在 mac 和 windows 电脑上都尝试过,都存在这个问题。您能提供一个显示球员中文名的 Editor 截图吗?我现在简直不太相信这不是普遍情况。我在这里再次附上一个截图,仍然是城市、地区、国家等其他数据项目都显示中文,只有球员名是英文。 另外,在 Editor 添加球员的常用名,应用后,在游戏里不起作用,显示的仍然是系统自带的译名。因此到目前为止,我没有找到任何可以有效编辑球员中文译名的办法(这也是我提问的最初目的),还请您指点,谢谢。
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