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  1. Perfect, thanks @DarJ Is there anyway to extract all Team IDs from the database in the same way?
  2. Not currently at home, so would test this otherwise. I'm currently building up a database of my own for my club, and figured if all players are going to be in the FM DB, that extracting their name and a unique ID for them each is going to be far quicker than me manually entering them. Does anyone know if there's either a CSV of basic player attributes, or if it's possible to extract all players from one league in one go with name, ID, country, DOB?
  3. No TV's in any Brewdog's I've ever been to anyway.
  4. He has convinentley deleted the tweet that seemingly has got him banned stating if anyone was going to blow the Royal Family up, the funeral would be a great place to do it (Something along those lines), and has said "he's left the tweet up" that got him banned so people seem to assume it's this Nazi salute one.
  5. My thinking is because none of it is immediate. With rolling news etc, it takes away so much of the "Where were you" type moments now as things go on for hours at a time
  6. For what it's worth - when George VI passed away, football played, but rugby & hockey didn't.
  7. Feels like she's probably being kept alive for a few hours to say goodbye to the family and then let her go comfortably as opposed to fighting on
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