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  1. Has there been a recent update ? my team has gone from a dominant ball possession team with around 70% to sometimes having 45% in the same league
  2. Felt like a lot of the time I was having possession for possession sake and I wasn't scoring for me I changed from a Deep Lying Forward to an Advanced Forward and because of that changed the Roaming Playmaker to an Advanced Playmaker. Now I feel like I keep a lot of possession but having that striker playing on the last man is a game changer
  3. Another great learning thread from @Cleon thank you. Been using a very similar tactic to yours with some decent success. As its a league one team personnel was always going to be a problem but it's worked really well. Often opt with DLF(s) than F9. Find my team create more chances with the balanced approach
  4. You're being generous here pal, it's actually disgraceful pretty annoying we have to wait until December for it to be hopefully sorted, very disappointed in this years FM
  5. Wanted to refrain from making this mainly because I love the game and buy it without question year after year and have done since FM 2006 but this years FM although only the beta has left me and others disappointed and I'd say the backlash is pretty much justified. It just seems like an update from FM 22. Press conferences have the same tedious questions The graphics haven't been changed in forever and I know a lot of people will say 'play FIFA if you're looking for great graphics' whilst thats partly true that doesn't mean FM should neglect it. I don't know I'm guess I'm just venting because I love the game so much but I hope SI are taking note of this backlash or are they going to do a FIFA where they barely improve anything minor a small tweak and constantly give us nonsense
  6. Like some of you guys I found the whole focus set up very irritating, barely anyone gets recommended, hopefully they sort this out on the update
  7. Had really good Lyon save going in FM22 so maybe them also - Arsenal - Villa - Brighton are all good shouts
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