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  1. There will be a similar program for AMD, not sure what it's called though. Give it a google
  2. Like a normal player offer, pick a fee and then select Add Clause > Player Exchange
  3. That's because the laptop will be drawing more power when plugged in. However, the cooling system/fans can't keep up with the demand being put on them. Go into preferences and try to lower the graphical settings and maybe that will help. If you have an Nvidia Graphics card open the performance overlay during a match. Use this as a guide How to use the Nvidia GeForce Experience app's overlay features? (sportskeeda.com) Then let us know what temperature your CPU and GPU are and we can see if it is actually overheating or not
  4. What's the easiest way to revert this skin back to the default colour scheme?
  5. It's a board request I think, but I doubt they'd let you offer as much.
  6. Thanks a lot mate, that's solved it.
  7. Appreciate the work @TCSSkin , I know you've put a lot off effort into this. However, what did you change on the club info screen because the key players section has messed up again and isn't aligning properly with the shirt and names. It was fixed with v1.2 and was fixed. The Mod to only use faces also doesn't work in this version. v1.2 - 2560x1600 at 95% Zoom v1.3 - 2560x1600 at 95% Zoom I hate to be that guy and be a complainer, but this is the only bug bear stopping this skin from being perfect
  8. Are you using the latest version (v1.2) because when I put my resolution to 2560x1440 at 100% zoom it looks like this.
  9. DM me. Sigames don't support talk of outside graphics mods iirc.
  10. Its because of the config in your face pack. I suspect the pack is missing face images for certain players, But in the config it is set up to find them images, but if they aren't there, then this is what happens.
  11. Whatever you did to the key person panel, seems to have fixed the BG positioning on 1600 resolution Also, can you advise on what I need to edit to get the fixture info section (the bit where it says Comp, Date, Venue etc.) to sit above scorers and lineups in the schedule area please?
  12. Got ya, wish I'd known beforehand. Ripping my hair out wondering what was causing the issue ahah! This thread can be closed in that case.
  13. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, it seemed best to put it here for fellow editors. I edited Staines Town in the editor and made them extinct, due to them dissolving in 2022. This caused the game to crash dump when trying to start a new save. Haven't testes with any other teams going extinct, just Staines. Just thought I'd give everyone a little heads up about this
  14. He's only set as manager in the editor for some reason, previous FM's had him with 2 jobs
  15. It's set up in the editor to stop outside takeovers, maybe remove that yourself until SI sort it
  16. How is this still in the game? Surely no player tells their manager a year in advance, that they're going to explore their options at the end of the contract. Especially in League 2, where the more you play, the more chance of gaining a better contract or better move elsewhere. This is just telling the manager "Yeah, so basically I'm leaving in a year, so you might as well demote me to the under 18's". Why would I bother playing a player who's confirmed he's leaving. Of course I could try sell him, but if he doesn't sell, I might aswell discard him and focus on other players. No matter how good a player is, 1 player doesnt make a team and everyone is replaceable. May be different higher up the leagues but it doesnt make sense for a 4th Division player to say this
  17. Noticed another data issue with Bradford City Sophie Birnie is set as 'head physio'. The head physio is actually Dayle Avison, and Sophie should be set as Physio. Men's First Team Staff Profiles | Bradford City (bradfordcityafc.com) Also, Adam Wilson is down as Right Foot - Very Strong and Left Foot - Weak in game. Whereas for Bradford, he has been deployed as a right winger who cuts in and has used his left foot a lot more than his right (recently scoring with his left vs Wrexham). Not something the Bradford City researcher would know at the time of course, but something to have in mind. Obviously, too late for release day database. But maybe something to change for the next database update.
  18. Good stuff! I Look forward to it!
  19. Hi, great work on the skin. If it's not too much trouble, could I request a 'mod' to the key people panel, so it only shows the faces of the players please. Playing on a 2560x1600 laptop screen skews the images of the player shirt.
  20. That'll be why then, 3rd of July is the 'official start date' of your save so any transfers that happened on that date or after will be seen as that seasons transfers. Abit like when you reach a new season in game, transfers made before the cross over date don't show up. Try load a different nation with an earlier start date and some more transfers should appear
  21. Will that not already have happened before the start date of the game? Or is the clause still there?
  22. Guy scored 10 in 18, in the Premier League and only Burton were interested in him? Ahaha Maybe that's why Vardy is still at Leicester 😆
  23. Fair enough. Just thought January loans would be added from the start. Maybe one for the winter update if he ends up staying the full season. Can always use the editor for it etc
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