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  1. Hi Smurf,

    I am looking to buy a laptop basically just for FM and tiny bits of work stuff. I want one with the best graphics capability possible for £700 for the 3D match. Ignore my ignorance here please but all the skins that are made seem to always be made for 1920x1080 resolution.  Is this screen size?  Basically I want a laptop that will work with that resolution/size.

    I have looked at the information on different graphics cards etc on this forum but it goes way over my head.  Just a recommendation on a solid machine available from usual UK outlets would be amazing. 

    Thanks as always

  2. Hi Dmitri, I have an issue where I want to register new signings for the premier League and Europa League.  Normally I can see the in/out option to move the odd player around.  Currenly I can't see that option therefore I cant register my new players. It is August and I am not out of any transfer window etc...


    Any ideas?  I cant play on full resolution.  Thanks in advance


    Edit:  Solved I just changed the zoom % to 95%

  3. This is special.  Dmitri you are obviously a talented guy. I was super excited last night and as I slept I downloaded your skin and all the backgrounds (slow download speeds in England)  It was like Christmas morning today, couldn't wait to install the graphics, only to realise that they are not done for the resolution for laptops.  Gutted.  I like it so much still that I am still using it!!  Looking back on the posts you said you may be adapting for laptops. Do you have an estimated time.  Thanks again and well done on your work.:)

  4. This is brilliant I believe and something I have been asking for what seems like years.  Some amazing person out there will be able to edit individual grounds??  Tunnels in the right place, double tier stands where they should be, no roof on another etc..

    Who knows athletics tracks, tree, cities in the background....

    For the career save nothing better than seeing your club and ground grow as you progress.  New south stand opens and then there it is.....

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