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Competitions and Fixtures

The League/Competition screen holds all the important information and links that will be entirely necessary for you to check regularly if you are to be successful. Keeping up to date on the very latest information from your opponents is a massive factor, and Football Manager™ Touch 2019 allows you to do this in many ways. The sections described below are all found from the tabs menu on any league or competition screen. They are also accessible from the competitions screen, which can be found on the sidebar (containing details of all competitions you are taking part in).

Basic Competition Information


A comprehensive overview of the competition, with a number of dedicated sections with a trove of content.


Each competition page has a ‘Profile’ screen which offers all of the relevant competition information at-a-glance. More detailed information can be found throughout the tab and sub-tab menus, as explained in this section.

Season Preview

The Season Preview section projects the upcoming season, including a proposed league table with title odds and last season’s award winners, key transfer activity which has taken place ahead of the big kick-off and the players to watch in the months ahead.

Stages/League Table

The League Table displays completely up-to-date standings from the competitions(s) you may be in at the time.

Each table header is sortable in both A-Z and Z-A styles – simply select once on the header icon to sort it and again to sort it in reverse order.

The overall menu to the top left allows you to view the table in a number of different manners.

Past Positions

The ‘Past Positions’ screen displays the progress of one or more teams over the course of a single season. The graph plots their round-by-round league standing and presents it in a line graph.


The ‘Rules’ screen informs the manager of all the specific rules for the competition. Check this screen as early as you can to familiarise yourself with the competition(s) you will be participating in and ensure that your squad meets any criteria it needs to well in advance of the start date.

Some competitions feature extensive and often complicated rules and regulations and, as such, it pays to read them thoroughly to ensure you’re well on top of any and all situations that might arise.



The ‘Daily News’ page lists the current top stories, while ‘Match Preview & Reports’ get you caught up on the latest results and look forward to the next round of fixtures. ‘Transfer Rumours’ keep you up to date on the very latest transfer talk.

Transfer Rumours

This screen rounds up all the latest news and gossip surrounding transfers for teams and players playing in the league covered. A brief summary of the story and its source are listed in a table for quick reference.


Competition Review

This provides a quick overview of the very latest goings-on in the competition. The latest results or forthcoming fixtures are paired with the league table so you’re up to the minute with everything you need to know.

Fixtures and Results

The ‘Fixtures and Results’ screen displays the round by round calendar for the current season. From the date dropdown at the top, and the back/forward arrows next to it, you can freely move around each round and view the results or upcoming fixtures for the entire competition.

On a match day, the ‘Latest Scores’, ‘Goal Updates’ and ‘Live League Table’ tabs become active.

Match Preview and Reports
You’ll be able to read up on all the key information pre and post-match from all fixtures in the competition here.


Team and Player Stats

This Statistics section incorporates both the Team and Player Stats sections. Statistics are kept in a vast number of areas, the most important of which are displayed on the Overview pages, whilst the ‘Detailed’ versions cover affairs in a greater depth.



This screen simply lists all transfers that have taken place involving teams in this competition.


If you’re managing in Major League Soccer, details of the upcoming draft can be found here once the order of picks have been finalised.


Awards honour the best of the best. Each competition in Football Manager™ Touch 2019 has its own seasonal (and other) awards, the details and history of which are found on this screen.


In a similar way to the previous ‘History’ screen descriptions, the ‘Competition History’ screen details historical information about the competition. Once again, these records are there to be broken, so check back here regularly to see where you stand in history.

Juggling The Fixture List

There will inevitably be moments throughout your career – throughout most seasons of your career in truth – where fixtures come thicker and faster than you can really handle. This is where smart forward planning can pay off. Using the various schedule and fixture screens at your disposal will allow you to foresee any fixture clusters – including provisional dates for matches yet to be scheduled, such as future rounds of cup competitions – and pick your teams accordingly. Selecting a squad of players three or four matches in advance might seem unusual and at times unnecessary, but it can pay off handsomely if your best players are available for the bigger matches during a spell of congestion.

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