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Inbox and News


Your Inbox is the main hub of your game world. All important information relating directly to you or any part of your club arrives here in the form of a news item.

How do I know what’s important and what isn’t?

As a basic rule of thumb, anything that comes to your Inbox should be considered important, as it’s always going to concern you or your job as manager. However, there are some items that are more important than others, and these are indicated to you with a red accent colour and a ‘Must Respond’ label replacing the ‘Continue’ button.

This means that the game cannot be advanced until you action that news item; there is always an action for you to perform on these items, such as confirming a transfer, submitting a competition squad, or attending a meeting with the Board. These are the most important items to arrive to your Inbox and each item itself clearly outlines what you need to do.

News and Social Media

The Social Feed enables you to keep fully abreast of everything going on in the footballing world. Operating in a similar manner to the previous subscriptions system but now wholly tailored to function as a modern-day social network feed, any game object (player, competition, team etc.) you choose to ‘Follow’ results in you receiving content about them in the form of a short message in the feed.

Content is delivered by a range of sources; teams, competitions, media sources, journalists, and supporters. A range of supporter reaction is delivered to you by way of the club’s supporter spokesperson and adds a distinct layer of colour to the feed, ensuring you know exactly how the fans feel about the news of the day.

The News tab displays a broader range of stories from around the world of football. Choose a story from the left side of the screen to view it in full in a pop-out panel.

How can I make sure I only see news and social media that’s relevant to me and my interests?

Following an object allows you to see what you want, when you want, and perhaps more importantly ignore what you don't want. Along the right-hand side of the Social Feed screen is a list of suggested accounts to follow; select ‘Manage’ at the bottom of this list to refine how you receive content. From here, a pop-up dialog appears with the ‘Followed Accounts’ View Menu located towards the top left, which filters objects by type.

Each object has a ‘Social Content’ and a ‘News’ tick-box; check the former to receive social content, the latter to have appropriate news stories delivered as a part of this feed. Select both to have the best of both worlds, with social being generated alongside each story. The adjacent drop-down menu allows you to further configure the frequency with which this is delivered; choose from Minimal, Normal and Extensive in increasing amounts.

Finally, the ‘pen’ icon allows you to dig deeper into the specific types of news you want to receive. It is divided into sections by subject and within each is a comprehensive list of the sort of news items you can expect to receive. This extra level of management enables managers to really control their content.

Each social message contains a ‘settings’ icon which, when selected, indicates why you’re receiving it, and gives you the option to revise your settings should you wish to.

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