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Enhancing Your Experience Further

Advanced Game Setup

If you want to have greater control about the setup of your new career, and include several more leagues than the Quick Start setup allows, then you should use the Advanced Setup option.

Rather than selecting a team and getting into your career as quickly as possible, you can tweak and tailor things to your exact requirements here. The Active Leagues in the main screen area are available for selection; add as many as you wish after ticking the ‘Remove nation and league restrictions’ checkbox. Doing so disables all Cross-Sync compatibility with console or mobile devices and means the saved game can only be played on PC.

From here, you can then use the checkboxes in the top right for each selected country to determine how many leagues from that nation are loaded in. The more leagues you include, the more players are in your saved game, and the slower the Estimated Game Speed – indicated in the panel to the right of the screen – theoretically becomes.

In a similar manner to the loading of numerous leagues and nations into a save, the size of the database loaded into a save determines to some extent the level of realism managers experience in their saved game. You can choose this, and the start date, from the ‘Advanced Setup’ button on the bottom of the screen.

Naturally, a larger database includes more players and teams from the football world, whereas a smaller one includes what are considered the core and most important items. More capable PCs are able to handle larger databases, but less capable ones may want to consider using a smaller option.

Depending on the size of database you’ve chosen to load, you will see a different number of players loaded into the saved game. For example, a small database might load 8000 players worldwide into the saved game, but a large database adds closer to 15000.

Custom Screen Flow

The Screen Flow section can be found by searching for Screen Flow on the Preferences screen. This allows you to configure a series of screens to display at determined intervals during the course of your game.

For example, you can ask the game to show you the ‘English Sky Bet Championship’ ‘Overview|Stages’ ‘Every Week’ ‘During Competition’ and have it stop the game from processing during the ‘Morning’, by adding an entry with each of those settings. The end product is that, at weekly intervals (the start day is determined by the day you set up the Screen Flow item), you are taken to the ‘Stages’ screen of that competition, giving you the opportunity to review whatever content you want to from that competition. Repeat the process as much as you like for as many competitions as you need to.

It is designed to aid immersion in your own personal game world and keep you abreast of what’s going on outside of your immediate league.

Please note Screen Flow only appears when a saved game is loaded and the options are configurable on a per-saved game basis.

Online Play and Streaming (PC only)

It couldn’t be easier to stream Football Manager™ Console 2024 and share your experience with a wider audience.

Beginner Broadcasting


Broadcasting Setup and Software


Once you’ve installed and familiarised yourself with your choice of streaming software and how to integrate it with your desired platform, all you need to do is set Football Manager™ Console 2024 as your source material for your window/monitor/game capture (or equivalent), and away you go!

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