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Start Screen Guide

Having installed and launched Football Manager™ Console 2024, you’ll understandably want to get stuck right in to a new game. The very first thing you will need to do after the start screen is to select which mode to play; there are three Single Player modes: Career, Create-A-Club, and Challenge.

Career is the full featured simulation experience and the recommended mode to start with if you are new to Football Manager™. Create-A-Club is the same as Career, but you can overwrite an existing club and change them into your image, including the name, badges, kits, stadium, squad, and backroom staff.

Challenge is like Career, but with a set hurdle to overcome. There are six different challenges with varying lengths in which to clear the scenario, and the difficulty can be toggled for each of them before. This mode is more suited for players already with the mechanics in Football Manager™. More details on the challenges can be found later in the manual.

New for Football Manager™ Console 2024 is the ability to import saves from Football Manager™ Touch 2023. If you have a file from the previous version of the game and you want to carry it on, you can now do so! Simply select the ‘Load FM23 Saved Games’ option under any of the game modes, and it will be imported! The speed in which the import will be completed will vary, depending on your device’s technical specifications.

If it’s your first time playing, a pop-up will ask two questions: a) if you consider yourself an experienced Football Manager™ player, and b) whether you consider yourself to have a good level of football knowledge. Selecting ‘no’ to either or both of those will increase the level of in-game tutorials.

This guide will begin with Career.

Create Career Game

First, you need to choose a club to manage in one of the nations and leagues included in the game. You can use the ‘Find A Club’ searchbar in the bottom right of the screen to find the one you want quickly. Once a selection has been made, select ‘Create Career Game’ in the top right to proceed. Once the loading screen has disappeared, select ‘Next’ to continue.

What team should I manage?

By default, the teams you’re presented with as options to take charge of in the Quick Start mode are from the top division in your region. Managing a bigger team gives you a theoretically greater chance of experiencing success right from the off, as they tend to have better players and more money to spend, but they also come with loftier expectations that can be hard to maintain for a newcomer to Football Manager™.

If you want to start out lower down the leagues and take charge of a smaller team, you might find the Board to be a little more patient with their demands, but the depth and breadth of talent available to you might not be the same as it is at a higher level, and the resources at your disposal will almost certainly be more limited.

Ultimately, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ team to pick. As long as you pay attention to the requirements of the job and understand the tools you have to work with, you’ll be well placed to make a flying start to your managerial career.

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