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This section deals with tailoring your Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 experience to just how you like it.


Game Configuration

Customise your Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 experience.

Language: Play Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish or Korean.

Currency: Choose which currency you play Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 in.

Wage View: Select to view player wages as Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

Automatic Weekly Saves: If enabled, the game will automatically save at weekly intervals. The game will automatically save over the previous Autosaves (hidden.dat files) which are listed above the four manual save slots when present.

Sounds: Use this to toggle the Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 menu sounds on or off. Turning this option off will allow you to listen to your own sounds whilst playing.

Display Attribute Changes: Use this toggle to choose whether or not to highlight changes to player attributes on a player’s profile screen.

Display Post Match Training: This toggles whether or not the match experience page, displaying any changes in player progress as a result of their involvement in a fixture, appears post-match.

Player Attribute Highlighting: Choose whether or not to highlight key attributes on a player’s profile screen; if enabled, you can choose to highlight attributes for either their Trained Role or their Preferred Role.

User Interface Preferences

Several aspects of the User Interface in the game can be enabled or disabled to your preferred setting.

Inactive area display style: This option allows the user to choose if and how to dim the original page behind any pop-ups or dialogs in game.

Scrollbar Speed: Choose the speed and responsiveness of vertical scrollbars.

Invert Scrolling enabled: Activating this option customises the scrolling options within the game. By dragging your finger in a downward motion across the touch screen, the scroll bar will move in the same direction and vice versa.

Disable Flashing Text: Activating this option will prevent the text commentary during matches from flashing when a goal is scored.

Can Sort Searches: With this option enabled you are able to order search results based on a number of parameters such as value, age and nationality etc. Be advised that the sorting process will be slow on older devices.

Assistant Help: Activating this option provides you with in-game assistance the first time you visit certain pages within the game. You will be provided with a brief overview of each page and what options are available to you.

Colour Blind Mode: When enabled, this option will alter various colours used in certain areas of the game in order to improve accessibility for colour-blind users.

AirPlay Mirroring Support: When enabled, this option will display an on screen cursor. This is designed to be used when playing the game through Apple TV. (iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later, 5th Gen iPod Touch or later).

Club link: This option allows the user to choose whether tapping club names and club links defaults to the club's squad or tactics screen.

Match Odds: Display pre-match odds in fractional (e.g. 15-1) or decimal (e.g. 16.0) form.

Resolution: Select a skin according to your available resolutions. The supported resolution types are iPad, iPhone 5/6/7, iPhone 4/S, SD, and 1080p.

Skin: The reload skin button will refresh the skin to allow for any graphical changes made to take effect.

Game Center & Social Networking

This section of the Preferences allows the user to reset/rebroadcast any achievements, or to choose which accounts can be used to post to social media.

Hall of Fame

If you have been successful in your saved game, you might find that you are inducted into the game's Hall of Fame, where some of the greatest managers of all time reside. Are you good enough?

When logged in to Game Center, you will be shown the real world Leaderboard instead of the standard Hall of Fame.

Achievements: From here you will see which of the various achievements you have unlocked while playing the game. You can also Reset them to zero at any time.

When logged in to Game Center, you will be shown these in the Game Center format, when offline you will see your achievements as stored locally.

You can also log in to Twitter from this section.


An in-game link to this manual.


Here you'll find a selection of optional in-game upgrades or challenges for purchase.


The Scrapbook contains details of players you wish to keep a closer tab on; a reference in order to serve you with timely reminders whenever you visit.

To add a player to your Scrapbook, select 'Add to Scrapbook' from his 'Actions'.

Once in the Scrapbook, you can either 'Export' them for use in another Football Manager Mobile™ 2019 saved game, or simply 'Delete' them.

Save Game

Use this option to save your game. Save games made during Challenges will have an asterisk character displayed next to them in the list of save games when you go to Save or Load. Save games made using the In-game Editor will have a tilde (~) character displayed next to them.

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