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Football Manager Mobile™ 2020 features a Scouting Agency which allows you to look at, and monitor, a ranked list of the top 50 players in the game both for current ability and for future potential.

Away from the Scouting Agency, your scouts can be assigned to specific regions of the world in which to search for talent, or to specifically search for youth players. To assign a scout, select 'Scout Results' from the Search menu. You can now select assignments for your scouting team by using the 'Assignments' button. Choose a region or whether to specifically look for youth talent or not, then press 'Assign Scout' to send your scout off on their assignment. At any time, you can revisit this screen to see the players your scout has recommended thus far. To recall the scout and perhaps send him to another location, simply change your settings as detailed above.

Any player can also be scouted individually from their profile screen. Simply select 'Scout Player' from the player profile screen and your scout will provide a report shortly.


Scouts come with specialist skills for you to choose from. Select from 'Bargain Hunter', 'Tactical Analyst', 'First Team' and 'Youth Scout' and utilise your scouting team in a more powerful way than ever before.

Use the assignment list to keep track of the work being done by your scouts and the players they recommend.

Select a player to view a comprehensive and detailed scouting report reporting on positives and negatives as well as likely interest, wage demands and an expected transfer fee.

Player Search

The Player Search function has been designed to allow the user to precisely define and refine their search for new talent. To access the Player Search screens, select 'Search' and then 'Player Search'.

To customise a filter, select 'Customise' and then configure the various fields available to you.

In Football Manager Mobile™ 2020 you can now save your Search Filters by selecting the 'Load/Save' button on the Action bar. You can save up to four filters which can then be loaded in future, including during other save games.

You may change as many of these fields as you wish. This enables you to pinpoint precisely the type of player you are looking for.

You can change the page of the Search Results that you are viewing either by using the swipe functionality or by selecting the next or previous page button, located in the Title Bar.


Your shortlist contains all the players you have ever bid for as well as those you have manually added. Once a player is on your shortlist, you will receive news items on any information relevant to him.

To add a player to your shortlist, select the 'Shortlist Player' option from the 'Actions' button at the bottom of his Profile screen. To remove a player, repeat this process and choose the 'Shortlist Delist' option.

In Football Manager Mobile™ 2020 you can save up to four Shortlists which can be loaded at any time during a save game. This enables you to have different Shortlists for different types or qualities of players.

Scouting Agency

The Scouting Agency brings together all of your club's knowledge of the wider footballing world and presents it to you in a helpful manner, making it easier than ever to identify potential transfer targets.

Your Scout will present a list of the best Senior and Youth (Wonderkid) players around the world, ranking them in order of how well they're currently playing.

Also included in the Agency's work is the Player Form section, which indicates who's Hot and who's not. Swipe left and right to switch between the Hot and Cold list.

At the start of the game both form lists will be empty, but as the season progresses the pages will become populated based on how players have been performing.

Use this feature to help you find who to add to your shortlist (and who to avoid!). All you have to do then is convince the stars of the future to join your team!

Player Comparison

The Player Comparison page, accessible by browsing any player and selecting 'Comparison' from the 'Actions' menu, allows you to compare any two players.

Once you have chosen both players, you'll be taken to the Player Comparison screen, where their attributes will be displayed.

To view additional information, tap 'View' where you'll be given detailed attribute and stat comparison options.

Find Club

The Find Club screens allow you to look at any club or national side around the world, should you wish to do so.

Use the continent pages to navigate between regions of the world and select a nation to view all the clubs that are based there.

Additionally, you can use the 'National Team' button in the Action Bar to view the national team for that nation.

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