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Assistant Manager

Your Assistant Manager has a vitally important role to play in your career. Essentially, he or she is your link to your squad at all times, and is a source of vital information on a daily basis. A good Assistant Manager is a valuable asset who can make a manager's job a much more comfortable one.

Among numerous duties, one of the most important is to offer opinions on your squad on the Team Report screen, accessible via the Bookmarks Menu on the 'Squad' screen.

The Team Report is split into five sections. The ‘Team Summary’ screen presents Positive and Negative key point summaries regarding your squad, whilst the ‘Suggested XI’ will suggest the strongest possible starting eleven for the next match given the current fitness, form and availability of your players. The ‘Squad Depth’ view will see your Assistant Manager indicate a preferred hierarchy of players for every position on the pitch, and the ‘Club Stats’ view details some interesting details about the make-up of the squad overall. Finally, Dynamics offers a comprehensive overview of how the relationships with your squad affect the team as a whole, and how key mental attributes impact the team’s fortunes.

Requesting Coach and Physio Reports

If you wish to get an opinion on any of your players from a member of your coaching staff, visit the player's Profile screen and select 'Coach Report' from the Bookmarks Menu. Your Assistant Manager will immediately offer an opinion of the player to you. Your Physio will also offer their informed view, allowing you to make appropriate decisions.

  Report Record

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