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Main Menu

Once the app has loaded you'll arrive at the Main Menu, where you are provided with the following options:

New Game: Start a new Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 Career, attempt one of the Challenges, or try your hand at the 'My Club' mode, where you create a team in your own image and attempt to lead them to glory.

Resume Game: Load and resume playing one of your saved games. If you only have one autosave available, this option will instead read 'Resume Game' and will load that game when selected.

Store: Here you'll find a selection of optional in-game upgrades or challenges available for purchase.

Settings: Configure your game settings. See the 'Preferences' section, located in the 'Options' section of this manual, for detailed explanations.

About: The ‘About’ button will lead you to the Manual, technical Support, Credits, the EULA, and the Privacy Policy.

View Match: Load a previously saved match and watch it back in its entirety.

Achievements: Here you can see a list of the achievements you have unlocked while playing the game - can you get them all?

InSIder: InSIder brings you closer than ever to the heart of the studio behind FMM. In addition to being the first to hear all the news from within Sports Interactive, InSIders will enjoy a number of benefits including exclusive offers, extra game and feature news, competitions, "Meet the Squad" interviews with members of the SI team, exclusive partner deals and lots more.

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