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You, The Manager

This section deals with everything regarding your managerial persona.

Manager Options

Staff Roles

The Staff Roles section allows you to define responsibilities for handling training, youth development, reserve team management and assuming chief scout responsibilities.

Assistant Responsibilities

You can request that your Assistant Manager takes control of friendly matches, assigns squad numbers and recommends mentoring partnerships.

You can also set the Assistant Manager to offer players to other clubs on loan after they have been demoted to the Reserves.

The age limit for players you wish him to offer out may also be specified here.

Board Confidence

If you're going to be successful in your job, it's imperative that you satisfy the demands of the Board; and they can be quite demanding. The Board Confidence screen has a number of parts to it, all of which reflect a different facet of your management of the club. The Board will give you their current thoughts on your progress in competitions, your financial control, recent form, your transfer activity, financial control, current squad harmony, and an overall summary.

Confidence in your performances in these areas can be gauged by the bar displayed under each heading.

A bar in the middle of the scale represents a neutral opinion. As confidence in your performance grows, this bar will fill up towards the right. If confidence disappears and people start questioning your actions, the bar will empty towards the left. You naturally want to be aiming to have as much of every bar filled as possible.

When managing a national team and a club at the same time, you can switch between viewing the Nation Confidence or Club Confidence. Do this by selecting the Bookmarks button in the Title Bar or by swiping.

Manager Profile

Your managerial profile is accessible from your home screen. Simply select 'Manager Profile' from the 'Manager' menu.

Your achievements are detailed on this screen, as well as your all-time record of matches played.


This screen contains details of your overall match record in charge of your team by year and by competition.

Trophy Cabinet

Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 includes a Trophy Cabinet section so you can track all of your accolades and get a run-down of all trophies, awards and manager achievements won during your undoubtedly successful career.

Board Request

You are able to approach the Board with requests to enhance the team or the club as a whole. The options available to you are:

Increase Transfer Budget: Maybe you don't have sufficient funds available to acquire the type of player your team needs, or maybe you have a deal pending that requires a little financial input on top of what you have. Ask your board for some more money and they'll get back to you immediately with their response.

Increase Wage Budget: Similar to the above; if your wage structure doesn't allow for the player(s) you would like, asking the board to raise the bar a little could be the key to unlocking success.

Extra Time to Rebuild the Squad: If your team is in a bad way and you begin to feel your job could become insecure, asking the board for some more time to carry out your work can earn a little breathing room and more time to turn things around.

Expand Stadium: If possible, and if the board feel it is worth the investment, the stadium will be expanded and the maximum attendance increased.

Improve Training/Youth Facilities: If the board agree to your request, they will work to improve training facilities at the club. This will sometimes lead to better young players being produced by the youth team.

Acquire Affiliate: Ask the board to enter into a partnership with another club in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Offer Resignation: Should it all become too much, you have the option to leave it all behind and resign from your team. You will leave the team with immediate effect.

Use these with some common sense. Constantly asking your board for various things will see them become impatient fairly quickly, especially early in your career, and they'll soon let you know when they believe you should be focusing on the team rather than them.


You may leave the running of the club to the Assistant Manager and put your feet up for a bit, but beware that this comes with the risk of losing your job should the team's fortunes take a turn for the worse in your absence.

To do this, simply select 'Holiday' from the 'Manager' panel. You will be prompted to configure your settings for your assistant to follow in your absence. Should you have had enough of your current club, you may opt to apply for higher managerial jobs automatically during your absence.

When you're ready to return, tap anywhere on the screen.

Coaching Badges

Football Manager Mobile™ 2021 features Coaching Badges. You will attain a Coaching Badge by unlocking 5, 10 or 15 in-game Achievements. A Bronze badge is unlocked after 5, Silver at 10 and Gold at 15.

Each badge will improve the overall effect of training on your squad.

If you have coaching badges available when starting a new game and creating a new user profile, you will be able to select a managerial persona from the list below:


Improves Ability gains.


Improves Defensive Ability gains.


Improves Attacking Ability gains.


Improves Morale.


Improves Goalkeeper Ability gains.


Improves Youth Ability gains.


Improves Fitness Ability gains.

Each Coaching Badge is also available to buy from the Store.

Game Status

The Game Status screen shows the type of game you are playing. It will also confirm the team you are managing as well as the amount of time that you have been playing the game.

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