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Training in Football Manager Mobile™ 2023 makes it very easy to understand what you have to do to make sure your players are in peak physical condition going into each match.


This screen shows an overview of your club's current training programme. The Bookmarks menu in the Title Bar allows you to view the impact your training schedules are having on the players’ attributes in key areas.

‘Focus Role’ allows you to task the player with working predominantly on a particular role during training. This will allow him to improve in a position if he already knows how to play there, or begin to learn to do so if he doesn’t. Descriptions are provided alongside each role to help you understand what your players are working towards.

‘Intensity’ governs how hard they work during training. Intensive asks the most of them, potentially resulting in a quicker improvement, but at the risk of a higher chance of picking up an injury. A lighter intensity reduces that risk considerably, but the player’s development will be slower as a result. A medium intensity is set by default to offer the best balance overall, but you are free to change these as your circumstances require.

‘Focus Attribute’ works in much the same way as the ‘Focus Role’ feature but instead works towards improving a specific attribute of a player’s game.

The ‘Progress’ bar shows how well the player is developing towards achieving his full potential. A fuller progress bar indicates they are making considerable strides towards that mark, but a full bar does not necessarily represent the fact they have hit their potential; rather, it reflects a particular platform upon which they can then continue to develop and try to reach new heights.


Mentoring allows you to pair any two players in your squad – typically a more experienced team-mate alongside someone less experienced – and encourage them to work closely together on and off the training ground to accelerate the less experienced player’s development. Your backroom staff offer advice on the best potential partnerships and which attributes are most likely to be affected (positively or negatively) by the working partnership.

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