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  1. Introduction

    Football Manager Mobile™ returns, better than ever, to offer you the ultimate handheld football management experience. A host of new features ensures that Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 accurately simulates the trials and tribulations of a real football manager, while the title appears exclusively in partnership with Netflix for the first time. With a comprehensive range of countries and leagues available to manage in, including the fully-licensed J-League for the first time, the footballing
  2. Main Menu

    Once the app has loaded you'll arrive at the Main Menu, where you are provided with the following options: New Game: Start a new Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 Career, attempt one of the Challenges, or try your hand at the 'My Club' mode, where you create a team in your own image and attempt to lead them to glory. Resume Game: Load and resume playing one of your saved games. If you only have one autosave available, this option will instead read 'Resume Game' and will load that game when
  3. Development Hub

    The Development Hub is your one-stop shop for keeping track of everything to do with the progress your players are making on and off the pitch. The Overview page offers the very Latest advice from your backroom staff while summarising the situation regarding training, mentoring, squad management and youth development. From there, you can switch to view each of these areas in much more detail from the Actions menu in the title bar. The Youth Development and Youth Squad sections will feature
  4. Finances

    This is one of the most important screens in the game. Your club's financial state, transfer budget and wages are displayed here. The Maximum Wage indicates the highest wage that the board will allow you to offer a player. You'll find yourself regularly visiting this screen to keep abreast of your financial situation. If you're in the market for a player, you're going to want to check you've got the necessary funds before attempting to sign him. Adjust Budgets Accessed via yo
  5. Staff

    Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 comes with a wide range of staffing possibilities. Your Assistant Manager is joined by a select number of Coaches, Scouts and Physios and, depending on the size and stature of your club, you can expand the size of your backroom team to help them operate more effectively. Just like the Assistant Manager, each Coach has a profile displaying their basic biographic details as well as their Aptitude, Coaching Style and Coaching Badge level. You can ask the
  6. Medical Centre

    The Medical Centre provides a complete overview of your squad’s physical health and helps you plan accordingly to ensure your best players avoid injury and are available for selection. The Overview screen itself best represents this; the Squad Health column summarises the situation, the Injuries column shows any current absentees, while the At Risk column shows those players most likely to succumb to injury if their workload and playing time isn’t carefully managed in the days and weeks ahead. A
  7. Club Information

    The Club Information screen, accessed via the 'General Info' button, displays important information about a club. To view the Info screen of another club, select the Bookmarks button in the Title Bar, and find the General Info option. Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 provides more detailed and dedicated Club Stats to keep you fully informed about the progress the club is making on all fronts. 
  8. Transfers

    There aren't many managers in the world who would confess to being completely happy with their current playing squad. Let's face it, half the fun of being a football manager is wheeling and dealing! So, with that in mind, let's have a quick look at how best to go about buying and selling players. As soon as you take over at a club you will be looking to add new players to your squad as you ship out the dead wood and look to find the right players for your team and tactics. Buying Playe
  9. Player Search

    Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 features a Scouting Agency which allows you to look at, and monitor, a ranked list of the top 50 players in the game both for current ability and for future potential, both worldwide and within the country you’re managing in. Away from the Scouting Agency, your scouts can be assigned to specific regions of the world in which to search for talent, or to specifically search for youth players. To assign a scout, select 'Scout Results' from the Search menu. You can
  10. Jobs

    Nothing lasts forever and the harsh reality of football is that managers do get the sack. Should the worst happen and you end up out of work, you will need to pick yourself up and get down to the Job Centre. This can be accessed by selecting 'Jobs' from the 'Search' menu. The screen lists every job available in active leagues and the security of each, so if a job becomes available you can apply for it. To do so, select the desired team and press 'Apply for Job'. You can also now d
  11. You, The Manager

    This section deals with everything regarding your managerial persona. Manager Options Staff Roles The Staff Roles section allows you to define responsibilities for handling training, youth development, reserve team management and assuming chief scout responsibilities. Assistant Responsibilities You can request that your Assistant Manager takes control of friendly matches, assigns squad numbers and recommends mentoring partnerships. You can also set the Assistant Ma
  12. Matchday

    When Match Day arrives, the 'Continue Game' button at the top right area will change to 'Go To Match'. If you have not selected your starting line-up, you will need to do this before you can progress. A reminder on the squad screen will appear if you have not done so.  Pre and Post-Match Hub  The all-new Pre-Match hub gives you access to all the information you need to make the most informed decisions ahead of kick-off. Tactical details, opposition scouting reports, analysis and key st
  13. Starting A New Game

    Select 'New Game' from the Main Menu, select Career and press 'Confirm'. You will then be taken through the process of customising your new Career, Challenge, or My Club game. To begin with, select Career. Pick your nations, leagues and teams to manage (some devices might place a restriction on the number of leagues or overall number of players you’re able to load into a saved game), before customising your setup from the Game Options screen: Use Fake Players: Select this option to use a da
  14. Options

    This section deals with tailoring your Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 experience to just how you like it. Settings Game Configuration Customise your Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 experience. Language: Play Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 in English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish or Korean. Currency: Choose which currency you play Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 in. Wage View: Select to view player wages as Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. A
  15. The Interface

    Football Manager Mobile™ 2024's interface is designed to be intuitive to the user to ensure that playing the game and using the abundance of features is made as easy as possible. The following is a short glossary to help explain some of the terms used in this manual. Action Bar The Action bar is displayed at the bottom of every screen. The Action Bar contains Action buttons that operate main functions for the item/s on the page and either complete or revert an action on them. On s
  16. The Home Screen

    Your first port of call can always be the Home screen. From here you can navigate to any area of Football Manager Mobile™ 2024; simply select the Home icon found in the bottom left corner of the screen to bring it up, or from the side menu on select devices. On devices with a larger resolution and expanded interface, the Home Dashboard brings together the most important information regarding your calendar, finances, fixtures and results and the medical centre, summarising your squad’s fitne
  17. The News Screen

    The News screen is of similar, if not greater importance to you than the Home screen. Here, you will receive numerous messages keeping you informed of what's going on around the football world on a daily basis, as well as bringing forward important team matters that will require your attention. Use ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ to cycle through them. Some items will allow an optional response, while others will require a compulsory one. When this is the case, a button will appear below the news ite
  18. Your Team

    First Team The first time you view your First Team squad, your players will be sorted in order of team selection. Select 'View' to change the method of sorting. Selecting the 'Detailed' view will allow you to see multiple stats on screen at the same time. These can be sorted by tapping the header of the relevant column. You can tap the tiles in the PKD column of this screen to access a selection pop-up from which you can assign a position to the player in question. You can also drag an
  19. Tactics

    Football Manager Mobile™ 2024 features a detailed tactics model, designed to allow the user more flexibility than ever before when setting up their approach to matches. Create Tactic The Create Tactic wizard walks you through setting up a new tactic from scratch. To begin, select a Tactical Style from the list of those available, with helpful hints and directions as to how each style operates and how it benefits your squad (or, as the case may be, clashes with the players at your dispo
  20. Fixtures

    Your fixture list can be accessed through the Club menu and shows all of your scheduled matches over the course of a season. It includes friendlies, league and cup games.
  21. Team Report

    The Team Report is split into five sections. The ‘Team Summary’ screen presents Positive and Negative key point summaries regarding your squad, whilst the ‘Suggested XI’ will suggest the strongest possible starting eleven for the next match given the current fitness, form and availability of your players. The ‘Squad Depth’ view will see your Assistant Manager indicate a preferred hierarchy of players for every position on the pitch, and the Team Stats view details some interesting details about
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