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Medical Centre

The Medical Centre provides a complete overview of your squad’s physical health and helps you plan accordingly to ensure your best players avoid injury and are available for selection. The Overview screen itself best represents this; the Squad Health column summarises the situation, the Injuries column shows any current absentees, while the At Risk column shows those players most likely to succumb to injury if their workload and playing time isn’t carefully managed in the days and weeks ahead. A green icon suggests they are alright for now but are worth keeping an eye on but, as the icon goes progressively from orange to red, the risk of injury increases with it.

The Injuries screen goes into more detail about those players currently on the treatment table, showing what injury they currently have, when they suffered it, when they’re expected back and what sort of severity the situation was deemed to be.

The Assessment screen expands on the At Risk column on the Overview screen and provides you with much more data and information upon which to base your decisions. Making sure you have your best players on the pitch and in top physical condition will go a long way to helping you achieve your targets, so make a regular visit to the Medical Centre to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

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