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  • Order of attributes for training doesnt match order of attributes for profile

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    Normally i play FM in my local language and not in English. As result i havent ticked the following box in the settings:


    This means that attributes in the profile overview are alfabatically sorted based on my native language and not based on the english language. This works great.

    There is also a page for training. All attributes are shows as well. Except everything on the training view is sorted based on the english language. This sorting is wrong for many languages.


    Expected fix: The order of the attributes in the profile overview and training overview will be the same and equal to the current case of the profile overview.



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    This bug doesnt only apply to the training overview. Also news items about the training will use the sorting based on English instead of the selected language. 

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    6 hours ago, Zachary Whyte said:

    Hello, this should now be resolved after our latest game update. :) 

    THANK YOU!!!! Finally! 

    edit: You only partly fixed it... When in the players profile & training it is now correct again. 
    But when you get information from your scouts it's still the same error. 
    This is not as annoying but still an issue



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