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  • Offer players for loan only locally, get offers globally

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    I am doing a San marino run at this moment. I have bought some foreign young players and i want them to become home grown, at least by country. So i only wanted to offer them out to other clubs in San Marino. To do this i have set the option under responsibilities to loan out players to only San Marino:


    (U19 and U23 are set to follow senior squad).

    So if i offer a player to be loaned out, i expect only bids from players in San Marino. This doesnt really seem to work. Clubs outside San Marino will send their offers as well. I even got more offers from clubs outside San Marino then inside San Marino. So how is this option supposed to worked?

    Is my expectation wrong? I do expect that the players are only offered to clubs in San Marino, so they are the only ones who react to my offer. 

    Ofc it is possible that a club send an offer unrelated to my transfer room action. But these bids from other clubs to loan out the player always only come when i offer them out. At exactly the same time as clubs in San Marino.

    As result of this i have to cancel the loan offers from outside the country, which in return make the young players slight concerned. Ever after months they are still concerned. So they dont want to extent their contract, so i have to sell them.

    So this bug has the result of me having to sell the players, which make them useless to me. So this is a really annoying bug. 


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    Just some pictures about this. Like you see i got a lot of bids after offering out the players, mainly from clubs outside San marino, while they were only offered out to clubs in San marino. 

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    This doesnt seems to be an issue with only which clubs react, but also which bid they made. I changed the settings so i offering them for 100% wage cap contribution. Most clubs still offer 0% wage cap contribution. So it looks like these pre settings under responsability doesnt work properly at all. 

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    It looks like if you first have made some kind of offer, that offer keeps getting priority above the settings in responsibility. So once you have offered out a player for free without any additional settings, no matter what you select under responsibility, it will get ignored if you offer out a player. 

    Now i have to go manually through all players, set the offer correctly and hope that will stay in place... 

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    1 hour ago, Michael Sant said:

    Thank you for making us aware of this. Would you be able to share your save game in which this is happening so that our QA team can take a look into this further? A guide on how to do so is available here: https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/instructions-and-notes/how-to-upload-files-to-us-r98/

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I think you can use any save, even from older versions of the game. I notice it a lot that the settings of responsibilies (see below) arent really that used when offering players out. This is not even an issue for loan players, but also if you want to sell them. So it would be great if the Q&A team can have a broad view of all these settings about loans and selling players. It feels bugged for years in my experience.


    For another bug i tried to upload some save files, they can be used for here as well:

    1. San Marino 2025.07.16
    2. San Marino 2029.06.22
    3. San Marino 2030.06.05

    I do hope they arrived at the cloud, since i got multiple errors during the upload about time outs and locked files. So please let me know if these files are not available for you.

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    • Administrators

    Apologies for the delay but we've been reviewing the save files behind the scenes - we'll keep you in the loop if we're able to action any changes in future updates. 

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