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  • Weird team talk options

    Robbie Hood
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    I am playing as Nottingham Forest away against Middlesbrough.
    Before the game i get some weird options when doing the team talk:

    - "A win moves us into the promtion places. Let`s go!"

    - " A win might be enough to see us move into the promotion places. I expect nothing less."

    Two slightly contrasting statements. But the most confusing and obviously wrong one is the assistant recommended:
    - "I think we need to show everyone that their recent praise is justified. Put on a real show out there."

    What is that supposed to mean? I am tempted to go with that option just to see if my players becomes confused and demotivated :)

    The uploaded game file is of the same name as a previous bug i reported, but the one from todays date is for this issue. It is saved right before entering the game/team talk.



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    I have lost 4 matches in a row, but for the next game the team talk options include these two:

    - "I want you to ignore the recent praise in the media and just play your natural game."

    - "The media have given you a lot of credit latel,y so go out there and put on a worthy display!"

    Surely something is not quite right when these options keep showing up and are even recommended by my assistant?

    For this teamtalk i have uploaded the save called "4 losses.fm"

    4 losses.png

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    Once again i get this weird option in the team talk. I could be as easy as a typo, but i haven`t seen anyone else report this and i have not gotten any feedback on this being a known issue or not. So i keep posting to help make FM22 the best game ever :)


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