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    Match Stats (with colourful horizontal bars) do not display the xG correctly. I believe xG is the only stat that is a decimal (real), and it seems that the horizontal bars only work in increments of whole numbers.

    If xG between two teams is 0.65 and 0.95, the bar will display 50/50. As soon as the xG reaches a whole number for either team, it will become 0/100. It's a relatively minor issue (I couldn't find a previous report of it), though it would be handy if the bars (or even just the xG bar) would respond to decimals and not just whole numbers in order to work correctly.

    Kind regards! Thanks a lot for the help.


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    • SI Staff

    Hey @FMEnhanced do you have some screenshots you can share so that we can see how its displaying on your side in one of these games or at these points? Always beneficial to have some examples just in case it functions differently on the internal version QA use.

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