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  • Fans not shown in 3D Match Engine

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    I ran into this issue over the course of my preseason and the Community Shield match - there are literally no fans shown in the stadium. Now I admit I'm playing on the lowest graphical setting and normally play 2D but thought I would try the 3D a bit and noticed this. I already have a save file uploaded for a different technical issue and it's called; clauseerror-Liverpool - Brazil.fm

    I've uploaded the screenshot called "Capture4" which also shows when paused that there are no fans despite there being an attendance and there is audio of a crowd as well.



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    The lowest graphical settings turn the crowd off to allow for better performance. You can change the preference separately if you'd like to turn it back on. :)

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    • SI Staff

    This thread was about someone running the game on the lowest graphical settings. Based on what you're saying I'm unsure if that's the case for you @Salopty - if you're running on different settings but not getting crowds please feel free to create a thread and show some screenshots and a pkm of this and we'll investigate further.

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