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Jim Bristow/Serpico has died


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God damn it. I just logged on the forums for the first time in weeks and i see that Serpico is dead. Such a shame losing a brilliant man like him at such a young age. May he rest in peace.

Heaven Holds Our Faithful Departed.

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My thoughts go to Jim's family at this time, awful news and all that. The overwhelming thing is the community spirit on here where people are genuinly sad for somebody who they never met, yet who were involved in their own lives at some point or another.

Serpico is one of the people who built this community, along with so many others, and it is extremely humbling to think of the strength of community from tragic events like this. It definitely means that hoo-hum simple people like ourselves can be remembered and praised for giving a bit of laughter and joy to everybody's lives...and that I think is magnificent!

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Sorry for the bump but was saddened by this news and felt compelled to pass on my condolences.

I'm a casual user of these forums and consider this community to be one of friendliest, most welcoming and easily the most informative anywhere on the internet. People like Serpico who invested a great deal of time and energy are a key part of this community's success. I hope he was aware how much his work and time was appreciated by those of us who have lurked for years.


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