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Afternoon All,

I've been considering taking up one of the challenges from this section of the forum for a while now, but I haven't found one yet that particularly appeals to me! i looked at superbladesman's challenge and am willing to undertake something similar. Has anybody in this forum created something similar to this challenge but with a fallen giant. For example: Man Utd or Chelsea going bankrupt and starting from the bottom? where thay lose all there players, coaches and all staff but keep all the infrastructure of the club i.e; stadium, training facilities etc....and also the reputation they had too (or close to it!) I understand it would make the challenge a little easy but I dont honestly have the time to do the full challenge of superbladesman.

The alternative to this, would be a type of dream team challenge, empty squad high reputation 100million or so in the bank!

Anyone know or have any details similar to this would be much appreciated!


Much love

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I think there's a Man Utd fall from grace type challenge out there, not sure about any others though. You could pick a real life fallen giant, such as Leeds, Preston, Notts Forrest, or go abroad, and pick a team such as Cologne or Pro Vercelli. Those types of games are always the most fun, in my opinion :)

With regards to a dream team type challenge, I'm not aware of any existing on this forum, you might want to try the Editor's Forum, or just create one yourself, the editor isn't too hard to use :p If you dearly want i could knock one together in a day or two.


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Why dont you try a man u challenge, but before you do edit everything in the editor. For example keep there squad of players but start off in the conference north. Or equally take the top 4 (Man U Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool) and swap them completely with the worst 4 reputable sides in the conference north/south.

Then see how long it will take each club to get back there heights. You dont have to realease any players in the editor, just do a team swap and perhaps retire the managers of the current 8 clubs in question?:?

Any ideas

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