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January 1 Brazil, Chile

January 5 Rep. Ireland, Iceland

January 7 Finland

January 10 Colombia

January 15 Africa (except South Africa)

January 20 Norway

January 28 Peru

February 14 Belarus

June 7 Baltic States, Georgia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Armenia, Montenegro, Albania

June 20 Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, France, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Scotland, Hungary, Croatia, N.Ireland, Greece, Switzerland

June 24 England, Austria

June 29 Slovakia

June 30 Italy, Czech Rep, Poland

July 1 Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia

July 7 Denmark, Holland

July 10 Serbia, Spain

July 15 South Africa

July 20 Mexico

August 1 Argentina, Uruguay

September 19 North/Central America & Caribbean, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay

December 9 Japan, Middle East

December 27 Russia, USA, China, Sweden

If I'm not mistaken :)

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I don't know if this is still up to date, I saved this from FM 2008 or 2009:

1 January Chile

2 January Brazil

5 January Iceland

5 January Ireland

7 January Finland

10 January Columbia

15 January Algeria

15 January Cameroon

15 January Egypt

15 January Ivory Coast

15 January Morocco

15 January Nigeria

15 January Senegal

15 January Tunisia

20 January Norway

28 January Peru

14 February Belarus

7 June Bosnia

7 June Montenegro

7 June New Zealand

20 June Australia

20 June Croatia

20 June France

20 June Germany

20 June Greece

20 June Hungary

20 June Israel

20 June Northern Ireland

20 June Portugal

20 June Scotland

20 June Switzerland

20 June Turkey

20 June Ukraine

20 June Wales

25 June Austria

25 June England

29 June Slovakia

30 June Belgium

30 June Czech Republic

30 June Italy

30 June Poland

1 July Bulgaria

1 July Romania

1 July Slovenia

7 July Denmark

7 July Holland

10 July Serbia

10 July Spain

15 July South Africa

20 July Mexico

1 August Argentina

1 August Uruguay

19 September Barbados

19 September Bolivia

19 September Ecuador

19 September Paraguay

19 September Trinidad & Tobago

9 December Japan

26 December U.S.A

27 December China

27 December Russia

27 December Sweden

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In my game argentina is july 1st. And i was sure it used to be 1st of august, is it just my game it changed on or does it change after a few years in. Made me miss out on what turned out to be a world class regen too, he was sold by time i checked on august 1st.

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- Argentina to 1st of July (as ahyeahok said, you don't want to miss out of this date!)

- Sweden to Dec 1st

In my long term saves the dates sometimes change, eg. Scotland can be 19th or the 20th, it's usually by one day.

Check by clicking on a club in the selected nation > Transfers > Transfer history > drop down tab, click "Youth".

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