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finances God?

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Let's discuss about finances! What is the highest you have climbed in the finances rankings? (world -> finances -> richest clubs)

please use screenshots for proof reasons! If you don't have any, please analyze details such as year, team, other teams involved etc

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thanks for the replies! Let's see!

@Badass: very nice and nice difference! but Man Utd is not that hard of a team to achieve that!

@Chalky1989: Very good job with tottenham! I would like to see you at the top! what a great difference Liverpool has managed!

@Jasonboyacmilan: same things as for badass! very nice but little of achievement with milan! congrats though!

@davidbyrd: that shows promising! of course the position is still low, the team you manage is a real challenge! keep it up and keep us infromed!

in a little while i will post mine!

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