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I am trying to get scouting knowledge of as many countries as possible. In the above screen shot I have one scout scouting the A countries, there is a restart button does this mean I can get him to restart all his assignments from the beginning or will he just restart the one I am clicked on? Also once he has complete all his assignments will they still remain on the page for him to restart or will I have to select the nations again?

I never really scout countries normally just scouted competitions but thought I might try a different approach.

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How would you go about retaining all the scouting knowledge there must be a way to get the knowledge bar completed. I am just sending the scouts round the world and then have them scout regions.

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Each country is 1 assignment, the restart button is a per assignment thing ..

1 way to go about this is hire a disposable scout

his stats dont really matter, just send him to 1 country in a region

eg Italy (Southern Europe Region)

keep repeating the assignment till you can get a decent Sth Europe scout

repeat for each region your interested, sack disposable scout after he's identified a decent scout in your last target region

It takes a long time for scouting knowledge to 'stick' .... sometimes it won't no matter how hard you try.

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