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Don't target tons of 5-star players. If your scout or Ass Man tell you that you should spend anything to buy the player, don't bother with him because unlike Man. City, you don't have deep pockets.

You simply want to upgrade your squad. Target the areas that need an upgrade the most, and look for 3 and some 4 star players. If you are dilligent about it, you'll find that there will be plenty who will be willing, even eager to transfer to your club; they are going to be better than your average player, but not so high above you that they dream of working for a better squad. As you improve your team's quality, slowly but surely you'll find that the ones who once thought you were dirt will begin to take second looks at you. :)

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Congratulations on the 10th finish.

Out of curiousity, what was your starting reputation?

Can't see you landing the Villa job with a Sunday League Footballer reputation.

For even more of a challenge, this is the reputation you should start with :)

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