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Striker PPM's

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Let me elaborate on the title a little as that's only part of it really. I have Vaclav Kadlec, I won't insult you all and tell you about him and his stats as you will all know him but he has quite low composure and in the premiership he seems to be missing a few chances against big teams (with brilliant goalkeepers) Is there any way (via PPM's) I can increase his conversion rate?

The main two that spring to mind are places shots and shoots with power but i'm torn between which one to use, my logic on both are if I learn him shoots with power, he'll solely use his finishing and strike it and not worry too much and as is technique is relatively high MAY beat the keeper for power.

On the other hand there's places shots and where he has low composure, places shots could add more finesse to his shots and beat the keeper by accuracy.

Anyone any thoughts?

If another member wants any help with any of their strikers and PPM's, feel free to ask in here too, don't be afraid.

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Sadly I don't think it will make much difference, though I'll certainly be interested to hear what others have to say.

I have a young regen striker, who starts regularly or plays from the bench. I can tell his potential ability is high, from coach reports and quite simply, by the speed at which his attributes are gaining. Unfortunately though, despite excellent suitable attributes everywhere else required for a good striker, his composure has only shifted one point, from 6 to 7. Needless to say, in 11 starts and 12 substitute appearances, he's only managed 4 goals. Otherwise though, his performances are generally good, he provides some good assists and his average rating for those games is 6.87. Not bad considering just over half his total games were as a sub.

I've had him tutored by a couple of my more senior forwards, plus instructed him to learn some PPM's, which he has done successfully. They are:

· Moves Into Channels

· Places Shots

· Likes To Round Keeper

· Runs With Ball Often

Sadly, none of them have made a jot of difference so far and although he gets into some superb positions to score, he fails to make his many chances count. His decisions is still only 11 and his concentration is poor at 8, which have both only gained 1 point each. I may have to look a little deeper into his training schedules. This isn't a particular strong point in my game play, I have to admit, but I've always been under the impression that certain mental attributes only tend to grow with experience. Happy for one of the training experts to point me in the right direction though! :)

In summary, I would like to develop his composure, concentration and decisions.

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I believe that PPMs can do very little to compensate in a player lacking in certain attributes. Conversely, the PPMs can act as finishing touches, if you would, for the players who already have good attributes.

For example, a striker with high Finishing, Composure, Decisions with the "Places shots" PPM would of course aim to pass it into the bottom corner whenever he can, as opposed to the same striker without the PPM, alternating between a placed shot and hitting it full on. Also affected and modified with a high Decisions (Creativity and Flair as well?) attribute though.

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Well if a player has a low composure, places shot is not the PPM to have. The reason is that he will loose his cool and you need to be calm when placing shots. In my experience the PPM that in some way can compensate is the the try first time shots, as he will pull the trigger faster and shoot at first sight in stead of trying to calmly place the ball into the net. I had a regen that at his peak had 9 in composure and were this worked well. He was my star striker for years.

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