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Once I tried putting my two centre backs on the goalkeeper, and had my other two big players attacking the front/back post. Then have another player in the box, two outside the box, and the other two back defending.

Tell the corner taker to cross the corner into the 6 yard box in team instructions, otherwise the routine wont be as effective.

Good luck. :thup:

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- Two central defenders (one flick the ball) attacking the near post;

- 1 player challenging the keeper;

- 2 attack the far post;

- 1 outside the box (the one with highest long shot attribute);

- 1 near the corner taker;

- Always have 2 players at the back (usually the two full-backs because they´re fast) and one asked to stay back if needed.

Test it and see how it goes.

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2 Fullbacks leave behind so you wont concece on counter attacks.

Player with highest heading and jumping set to Stand on Far Post.

Others you put like you want.

Corners should be headed to Far Post, and your guaranted lots of goals.

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