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I think after various forum updates and changes, threads in this particular forum only go back to August 2008, so there'll not be anything for FM06.

Your best bet might be to Google for FM2006 tactics, or have a look through some of the fan-sites and external FM related forums. :)

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Hi Guys, I am playing Football Manager 2006 with Cheltenham Town in League 2!

Would anybody be able to help me with a tactic for Football Manager 2006, would be great.

Thanks Very Much :)

I created a 442 tactic (and spectaculalrly overachieved with Bury) using wwfans excellent FM2006 TT&T thread (based around "rule of 2" I think). It is no longer accessible through this site. Maybe PM wwfan but I cannopt promise he can help, its been a while, Great game though, FM06. Thinking out of the box for a moment, why not create a tactic in FM10, convert it to the classic advanced slider fest type tactic, note down all the settings & use that as a base for a new FM06 tactic. It may just work!

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