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I'm managing Braga and in Portugal there are quite a few board takeovers (elections)

I thought nothing of it until "life long Olhanense fan" Steve Gibson was announced as the leading candidate in the elections! For those of you that don't know, Steve Gibson is the current Chairman/owner at Middlesbrough having supported the club as a youngster. I had a little check of Middlesbrough's landmarks (on the game) and he was removed as Chairman just four months prior to taking over at Olhanense.

You see I'm not against the whole Gibson leaving M'boro and then joining Olhanense, even if it is slightly unrealistic, it was the wording of the message, it quite simply isn't the case. If the game insist on re using Chairman in board takeovers wouldn't it be good if the message relfected his history rather than being total rubbish? The same has just again, this time David Sullivan (co-Chairman at West Ham) who has taken over at Marítimo, just like before he is a life-long Marítimo fan and has won the election.

It's obviously not a huge problem, just something I'd noticed. I suppose if this is one of the only things I can pick at I suppose SI must be doing something right! :D

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Don't they usually say something to that effect even if it's total crap?

Dwayne Bravo signed for Essex (cricket) for one game, saying he had always "been aware" of Essex in the past.

There's a big difference between being aware and being a life long fan.

Being aware it's like a business opportunity and nothing more..

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