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Apologies if anyone has posted this before or if it's a well know problem.

I'm in my 4th season with Birmingham and my defenders constantly concede penalties. I originally had them on tough tackling, but have reduced that to normal then to easy - but the problem remains. Any suggestions? It's costing me A LOT of points :(



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Tackling isn't the only thing to worry about with pens/fouls in general.

firstly as pointed out by robertc, most assmans are pyschotic and will set your players to hard tackle most of the oppo's team if you let him do OI.

Moving on from that you need to analyse what kind of pens they are giving away. Are you overcommitting players forward or pusing the d-line up higher than your defenders can handle, thus having defenders chasing back and attempting risky last ditch tackles? Are your defenders closing down too much and getting too tight on attackers and fouling them this way? Are your defenders overly aggressive and therefore prone to going in hard no matter what you tell them? Or is their creative freedom too high to the extent that they are ignoring your instructions?

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