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In FM, how hard would it have been to sell Adam Johnson, after not really playing him for a year or two at Man City? I doubt I'd have managed to sell him at all. Definitely not for £11m, which would have been higher than his FM transfer value probably. Never got £6m for Adebayor either. He'd have sat in my reserves until his contract expired.

I don't reckon I'd have got £5m for Berbatov either after having him not play for a whole year. FM Fulham would have never accepted a low £2m bid for Richardson either if I was Sunderland especially as he was first choice LB, I think.

How much would I have had to pay Dortmund for one of their best midfielders, Kagawa? I reckon FM would have asked for £30m+, instead of £14m. Likewise, I'd have never have got Cazorla for as little as £16m, especially as he wasn't transfer listed, still a first team player, and as far as I know, his side isn't in financial difficulties.

If I was Fulham, and I had Dembele in my team rated at £7-8m, there's no way Tottenham would have bid £16m.

(on the other hand, the £28m Oscar and £35m Hazard deals do sound like AI-managed FM clubs asking for huge prices for their players!)

As a test, play an FM game until the end of season 1 or 2. Find the top goalscorer in France. Try and buy him for £10m or less. It'd be difficult. That's what Arsenal did with Giroud.

I'm not actually sure what my point is - I don't want transfers in FM to be unrealistically favourable to my team, but something about FM transfers doesn't always ring true. It seems harder in FM to do the sort of deals that are common in real life.

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So, if Malaga were struggling financially in FM, they'd sell him for the cheap. I still reckon it's unlikely.

If they were in enough bother, then yes.

I've seen it plenty of times where AI teams have had players "Transfer Listed To Reduce The Wage Bill".

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You arent the only one to be fair.

I thought it'd be interesting to compare real life with how FM treats transfers, and I think there is a significant difference. If I had to guess at a reason, I'd say that FM forgets a players reputation quickly if they don't play, so, in the case of Adam Johnson and Berbatov, they'd have just rotted in the reserves, whereas in real life, Sunderland have longer memories, and know Johnson still has the abilities of 2 years ago.

Secondly, wage bills don't seem to put teams off as much in real life. In FM, I've forever heard people on this forum say "Santa Cruz is on £80,000, of course you won't sell him easily", but in real life, teams like Sunderland come in, offer a substantial amount (£11m would probably be higher than Johnson's FM asking price), and offer their wages, which are probably reduced, but the player is so keen for football that he accepts. That might need slight tweaking in FM.

Thirdly, I still believe Malaga in FM would have asked for £30m, or somewhere closer to his release fee which was over £30m (45m euros I think). I'd like to see a few more genuine FM bargains from financially troubled teams happening.

Fourth, while I'd like to see more high bids (i.e., £11m for Johnson), there should also be a balance and there should be some low-ish bids, like £2m for Richardson, and initially, the £12m for Van Persie that was offered. At the moment, I think the balance is more towards "if your team doesnt want them, no one else will" and the bids are either very low or non existent.

Fifth, I'd like to see a few more Van Persie type signings, which are very high fees for a player in his last year of contract. It doesn't happen often in FM, normally AI teams wait until the contract is up, and definitely don't pay mega bucks, but these should happen occasionally.

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you're wrong in assuming wages don't affect sales... they really really do..

santa cruz is a great example... he'll likely rot and rot in the reserves as teams won't go anywhere near him.. ai or me alike...

same with the malaga issue... if you have a team thats in trouble.. they will sell players cheaper than they are worth.. happens all the time.. same as relegated teams.

I dont really understand the richardson thing.. he's gone for his worth there... he's not a 5million+ player.. in game or real life..

the Van Persie thing is a bit of a one off.. the norm is that players in their last year will go cheaper and FM is right to replicate the norm. the RVP hugh fee also reflects that he was sold to a big rival in the same league... which is also in the game.

Adam Johnson wasn't exactly rotting in the reserves either.. he got a few games and played well in the most talented and expensive team in britain and was also regularly on the international scene, 11million was a snip... i've seen similar fee's in similar situations in the game regularly. Berbatov was top scorer a few seasons ago, but was relegated to the bench last season due to arrivals.. in game ive seen him get only a handful of games and still get transfered to several high profile clubs like newcastle or even to serie A for many many millions

all in all, I just don't agree with anything you've said here and am a little dumbfounded by it... usually i can see the merits in people's points.

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Agree with Welshace, the Johnson deal in particular as he made quite a lot of appearances for Man City last season.

Ive managed to get rid of deadwood in my game - In 2014 and I've got rid of a 30 year old Downing for £5m even though he hasn't played in 18 months. Also sent Carroll out on loan, with a £2m fee up front and £10m future fee. Again, hasn't played for me in ages.

One final point, how realistic is it that anyone would have to pay £35m to land Andy Carroll? This should be enough to end the thread.

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