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Finally just upgraded from 2011, wish I never bothered.

Currently trying to play, started a game yesterday as man utd with the aim of playing one season, to see how the game plays etc. Got battered well and truly and finished the season 10th and out of all comps at the first game. Got smashed 7-0 and 7-1 by liverpool and chelsea. Often beaten 3-0 by teams such as QPR,swansea,norwich,west brom etc.

Things I noticed that do my head in on it

Massive amount of red cards, 5 games straight I got red cards and many more over the season. after the game you give a player a warning about it and he sulks, fine him and he spits his dummy out.

Confront any player about anything and they sulk, even if you're being nice to them. More or less all players were constantly upset or having a pop at me throughout the season. Team talks upset them, even when you're being nice etc. For example, both rooney and phil jones said they wanted to leave very early on in the season, because I warned them both for a red card, so as a result, they sulked for the entire season.

Huge amounts of goals against me in the first 10 mins of the game, would often go 1-0 down in the first 2 mins and then they would usually bang more in before the 10 mins.

Very hard to score goals, the only player that really scored any goals was van persie who scored 23.

Near on impossible to sign players due to wage demands, even when the wage demands are not that great. Alot bigger transfer fees wanted by teams for players. Really difficult to sell players, even when they are good players. Near on impossible to actually get what a player is worth.

I thought it could just be the way I was playing the game, so I left it to the assistant for some odd matches and we got battered by teams and players sulking.

Im using a summer 2012 transfer update, so im wondering, if this usual how the game plays or could someone have altered something on the transfer patch?

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Why is this posted in the Editor's forum?

Every new verison of the game is different, so what happened in the last version may not work now, You need to analyse what is happening and react accordingly. Make sure that you have the latest patch and look in the Tactics forum for help.

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