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You should be able to change the colours of the refs but you won't be able to customize then like you can with clubs, you'll need to go to the settings folder for the skin you are using and open the '<skin name> settings.xml' file and locate these lines of code (if they are not present in the skin then copy this into the file), then just adjust the rgb values to what you want:

<!-- official kit colours (picked from in this order -->

<colour name="official colour 1" red="0" green="0" blue="0"/> <!-- black -->

<colour name="official colour 2" red="20" green="172" blue="35"/> <!-- green -->

<colour name="official colour 3" red="228" green="230" blue="23"/> <!-- yellow -->

<colour name="official colour 4" red="179" green="179" blue="179"/> <!-- grey -->

<colour name="official colour 5" red="227" green="39" blue="203"/> <!-- purple -->

<colour name="official colour 6" red="230" green="23" blue="23"/> <!-- red -->

<colour name="official colour 7" red="231" green="144" blue="21"/> <!-- orange -->

<colour name="official colour 8" red="24" green="48" blue="223"/> <!-- blue -->

<colour name="official colour 9" red="235" green="182" blue="40"/> <!-- gold -->

<colour name="official colour 10" red="250" green="250" blue="246"/> <!-- white -->

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Thanks very much!

If I want to make shirts and shorts different colours, is this possible? It appears that, by changing the values and therefore the colour, I am changing the whole kit from one colour to another, rather than just the shorts.

Thanks again

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Hi Dolfin152 and michaeltmurrayuk! Is there a way to avoid a colour in the referee kits? For example, I hate green or purple colours in the referee kits; then, can I modificate the number values codes in order to show other colour? Or can I avoid showing one colour in game removing the code line?


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