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Help Plz!!

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No matter what formation i try to play, be it downloaded ones or ones i create my defenders always suck!! The ball will be right in front of them and they will let it roll right past to the other team. Is there something wrong with the AI in the beta because ive played probably a whole seasons worth on Arsenal twice, and Dortmund once. There should be no reason why my team sucks SO hard on defence all the time. Ive tried 4-3-2-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2. 4-4-1-1 and its not because my team doesnt understand the formations. They've been capped out on that understanding stuff. I'm just so confused because im losing to teams that I should never lose to, ive even added managers to big teams and made a super team and i was still losing all the time :/

And yes i've done raikans formations to test. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated... is anyone else having this problem with defenders?

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Welcome to the Tactics and Training forum, here are a few rules and guidelines for you to follow, to make the forums a better place for everyone J ;

Please be as descriptive as possible in thread titles and posts. This makes it easier if you are trying to ask for help, or posting generally.

If not then the question is to broad and no-one can offer you any advice at all.


Re-post when you have time/can be bothered to be descriptive :)

P.S You might want to read the threads linked in the link too.

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