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Player 'Duty' ???

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How does this setting work in FM2013?

1st) I've noticed when using the individual focus training you can set the player to train at a certain 'Role' but you don't get the option to train with a 'Duty'. Whether that be support, attach, cover and cover

2nd) When looking at a report of a player it shows the 'Duty'. But this seems to be set to a certain value for the 'Role'. On FM2012 reports on Central Defenders would suggest whether they were a stopper or covering defending. But on FM2013 central defenders duty is always defend. Same with a winger. Its always set a support and never attack when viewing a player report.

Is the game no longer suggesting what a players best 'duty' is when reporting? Does it not matter to train a winger as 'attacking' rather than 'support'?

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