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no responce!!!!!!!!!!

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whatever i tell the players to do they do not do it......i have my midfielders set for through balls often,just played a game and they didnt do it once throughout the whole 90 minutes....Leyton orient did it numerous times (im spurs,was a pre season friendly).....i have my defenders set to short passing,yet they continuously hoof the ball up the pitch invariably resulting in a goalkick to the opposition.....bale and lennons cross success was 7% so i set them to cross rarely but still they cross,ends up behind the goal or cleared.....lastly seems if i go a goal behind it is game over,i set up to attack after going behind,but my midfield continue to pass to each other across the midfield (back to the no through ball problem) until they lose the ball with a bad pass,if by chance defoe or adebayor do end up with the ball they pass out to wing or back to midfield,never ever trying to turn and get a shot on goal........inedently i won the orient friendly 1-0 with a 3rd min penalty and orient had 10 men,i only mustered 8 shots on goal,just 3 on target,never had this problem with previous versions of fm,even after match engine updates its still the same,is anyone else experiencing these kind of things?????

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