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Set pieces

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Has anyone found an effective way to defend set pieces?

Seriously over half of the goals I concede come from free kicks or corners. Not always straight from the set piece either, often my defence just fails to clear the ball when they have the chance and the opposition score somehow from the ensuing mess. It's quite frustrating to dominate a match comprehensively and then concede silly goals from such situations...

For the corners I leave one player up front, LB and RB on the posts, 2 players marking the tall player and the rest man marking.

For free kicks I leave one man up front again, 2 players forming a wall and the remaining ones man marking.

Perhaps I should leave 2 or even 3 players up front? Sometimes I clear the ball successfully only for the opposition's players at the back to cross it back into the box and score.

Attacking wise I seem to do ok but I think the effectiveness could be increased as well so if anyone would like to share their set ups it would be welcome.


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