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Bah. Humbug.

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I've been debating for quite a while now whether or not to post a thread like this here, and I'm pretty sure this will get locked by someone, but I'm going to post anyway because I want to have my say and I'm not sure I'm even bothered anymore. It's got to the point where I think I just want to wash my hands of the whole game and everything about it. I have a question first though :p

Can someone please tell me how there can be so many bugs in such a high profile game as this one?

A game that has very little changes year on year, a game that is one of the best selling year on year. I've seen a quote from that Miles guy where he says this years version is much better because of the anti-piracy measures introduced in FM 2012. He said the increased sales has allowed them to hire more staff. Awesome. More staff. Sounds great. Why is my game broken?

I've also heard him say this was the best game yet, but it's not. It is broken. How, in the name of God, how, does a game get released in this current state? Do they just not care? I'm really looking for an answer here because I have never been so disappointed in a game in my life. I am genuinely insulted that I am expected to be satisfied with paying €25 for this. I haven't seen any official announcements on the level of bugs in the game, have I missed something? People are expected to take the time to report bugs, upload screenshots and saved games, and they don't even get thanked for it or updated on the status of the fixes. It's absolutely ridiculous what's happening here, and on top of that, when someone who is annoyed posts on the forums, their thread gets closed or moved, and now we have a threat of an "increase the severity in which we moderate these forums". Seriously? Threatening people now. This whole thing is an absolute shambles. The game, the support and the way the customers are treated is disgraceful.

And what's even more ridiculous, is the fact that there are users on here who attack anyone who posts anything negative. Why is there people who have paid for a product, and then insist on disrupting someone else who has paid for the same product and is dissatisfied? Maybe they're SI spies or something. Undercover agents to spew propoganda everywhere about how awesome this game is :D Let people have their own opinions ffs. If you're happy to buy a broken product, great, don't go telling me how great it is. Like pulling over to someone whose car has broken down and telling them that their car is fantastic. Stfu.

Has this been posted already? Meh. It's highly likely I suppose. I can't be bothered to check. Thread will just be locked either way.

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The problem you have is you say broken. It is hard to accept that the game is broken. You may get some replies if you talked about why you think it is broken.

I'm calling it broken because of all the bugs. I think it's generally recognised that the game is buggy. You only have to have a look in the bugs section of the forums to see how much is wrong with the game. And I know, you're probably thinking that there will always be bugs with new releases and I agree with that to some degree, but in this release, especially pre 13.1.3 and still after it, the amount of bugs has a major influence on my own enjoyment of the game. And when that happens, it's broken if you ask me. I can see where you're coming from siam, but I mean all the bugs in general. I'm not going to list everything, because they're already known and listed in the bugs sections.

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