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To be a little more helpful you are looking for Off The Ball, Decisions, Anticipation, Passing, Teamwork and Creativity to be relatively high (relative to the players in your league). The DLF compliments perfectly a Poacher or Advanced Forward and I think it's his main job to get the ball with back to goal and pass it into space behind him, space which he creates by moving away from the opponent's defensive line which causes markers to follow him, thus there is space behind the defenders. So it's not so important that he has good Finishing, Composure, Heading, Strength, Dribbling or Pace/Acceleration, but it helps in case he is in a goalscoring position or has the chance to run onto a stray long/through ball. The Advanced Forward or Poacher will move into the space he creates, that is the main objective, so you are looking for someone who will do that. If you're not using a 2nd striker, you should probably have one or two attacking midfielders with attack duty. Inside Forward also works well with Deep Lying Forward. Either way, the DLF will probably be better in a support role.

I would say Strength is quite important as well because he needs to hold up the ball occasionally and if he has good strength you can teach him the Plays With Back To Goal PPM.

As always, Guide To Football Manager has the best answers.

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