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  • Many teams will operate a farm system involving one or more affiliate teams.
  • They are primarily used for developmental purposes; the senior partner in the affiliation will look to station young prospects at the farm team in order for them to progress in a stable, controlled environment under their own umbrella before they’re ready to contribute at the next level.
  • The farm team(s) themselves benefit by having their roster filled out with often talented players at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it themselves.
  • Some leagues have positioned themselves in such a manner that they have become full-time affiliate partners to senior leagues and their primary remit is to prepare the stars of tomorrow for the rigours of top-level hockey.
  • There are restrictions on player movement depending on age and experience, details of which can typically be found on a per-player basis by visiting the individual’s Information tab.
  • The easiest way to move players back and forth between affiliates is by using the ‘Roster Management’ view from the ‘Roster’ screen.

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