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Before you all start saying it's to show realism we have a small tiny Problem.

I have no problem with Injuries but when 4 players get injured for the same muscle injury and they are not doing any training for the same time period is not realistic.

I am managing Chelsea and between two days I have lost 4 players to the same injury to the same length of time 2-3 weeks. I also have seen where one recovers then one goes back in.

I think you guys need to revisit the Injury formula as amount of injuries are ok but you need to revisit the length of time and to be fair, it's not common for a Club to have multiple players out for more than 4 weeks at one given time.

So again i understand injuries is apart of the game but you need to take a look at the length of time for some of these Injuries and really how realistic is it for 4 players to get a stomach muscle strain and be out for 3-4 weeks, hmm maybe they were out partying and eating at the same place. Oh well i am left with my first two choice keepers and the league is about to start.

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